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Influence for health: refer and earn with l1vin

Get onboard the l1vin wellness Ambassador program

Join us in sharing the goodness of l1vin and earn at the same time!

You can now recommend l1vin to your friends, family or followers on social media and start earning commission for every successful purchase.

So start sharing your Natural Healthy Lifestyle on your social media with your unique URL to inspire your community towards healthier living.


  • Earn While you share

    Promote our brand to your friends and family towards a Natural Health cause, and earn while you do so.

  • exclusive perks and privileges

    Gain exclusive perks as you recommend l1vin to your social community. From special events, to exclusive goodies. You'll never miss out.

  • be part of our growing community

    Join over +100 Health & Wellness Influencers to shape a healthier community. Gain the chance to meet and network with like-minded individuals to share goals and ideas.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started:

(1) Register an Ambassador Account with L1vin by clicking the link below or at the top of this page.

(2) Generate your unique Referral link via the platform once logged in.

(3) Begin promoting the brand and your unique link across your socials to your friends and family! Earn from any sale converted via your link.

Empowering a Healthier Community, Together.

The L1vin Wellness Ambassador Program aligns with your passion for a Natural Healthy Lifestyle. Join us and earn while you share about the brand and our values.

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) What is the reward model for the program? A: The Reward Model may vary based on the campaign.

(2) How do I get paid? A: Payment options include PayPal. You earn when a succesful order is placed via your unique tracking URL.

(3) When do I get paid? A: Payment is released 14 days after the order is validated.